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Preparing Your Property To Rent

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Originally posted 2019-03-25

At first glance getting your property ready to rent seems like an easy task. However, as the listing date gets closer and the to do list gets longer, what once seemed like an easy task can become quite daunting.

Tenants will often drive past a property before they reply to an advertisement. It is important that you clean the outside of the property, and have the proper curb appeal for prospective tenants. Cleaning up the yard, mowing the lawn, tending to the garden, and cleaning siding and windows are some of the many tasks to consider in preparing the outside of your home. Unless you have a pressure washer handy and a truck to haul away waste, these simple tasks can become increasingly complex.

Preparing the inside of your property so it feels bright and inviting is equally important. Clean windows, fresh neutral paint colours, clean flooring, and impeccably cleaned bathrooms and kitchens are all important considerations. Additionally, those lingering maintenance issues from replacing damaged cabinet hardware, ensuring fire extinguishers are up to date and smoke alarm batteries are replaced, and doing those full room renos which can result in significantly higher rent, are all important to look after.

Hiring Anchor Property Management as your property manager helps relieve the stress of getting your home ready in addition to removing the stress of managing your new tenant’s long term. Our experience with preparing properties for rent, in combination with our relationships with local preferred service providers and contractors, means a quick turnaround and getting your property advertised and tenants in place sooner. Whether it’s minor electrical maintenance, a top to bottom paint job or replacing flooring in a room or two, we can make that happen fast and get your property rented. And the sooner your property is ready and rented, the sooner monthly rent starts landing in your bank account!

If you want more information on how we can help you get your property rented contact Anchor Property Management today.

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