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Tips On Downsizing To a Smaller Home

From the “tiny home” movement to baby boomers selling their homes to move into condos and apartments, downsizing into smaller homes has been a popular trend. Downsizing can come with many benefits. Moving into smaller properties typically means saving money, and the liberating (though often challenging) task of eliminating possessions. A smaller home can often reduce your carbon footprint, in addition to less cleaning and fewer chores around the house.

Consider the following tips when looking to downsize into a smaller home:

1) Measure – take measurements in your new property or ask your property manager to. The things you have in your current home may not fit into your new one. This will help with some of the decision making that comes in step #2.

2) Use what you already have - Once you start preparing to move and start pulling things out of cabinets and closets, you may be shocked by the things you find that you’ve forgotten about. Start by 'shopping' at home for the items you absolutely need. Be strict with yourself and only pick out what you really need. Start with putting these on your “must have” list then move onto your "I want" list. Your I want list should consist of the items you can probably live without, but you absolutely love – so you don’t want to! All the remaining items in your home can be sold or donated. This will help you reduce your belongings and keep you from cluttering up your new, smaller space.

3) Innovative Storage Solutions – Many modern furnishings have built in storage. Consider updating your furnishing by replacing some of it with pieces that have built-in storage. Use containers with lids that will stack and use bins or baskets for items that are regularly used. Be sure to only buy items that fit well and fit the space in the way that optimizes the look you want for your new home.

4) Final Purge – Unpack in your apartment planning where your items best fit in your new home. Once you’ve settled and have spent the time to achieve the look you want, do a final purge of the items that no longer fit your space.

5) Keeping It Tidy – Now that you’ve settled in, avoid cluttering up your new space. When you buy something new, repurpose or recycle something else. And keep your spot ready for guests by making sure to put things away after use.

Looking for a great apartment or house to downsize into? Anchor Property Management has many units which may suit your needs!

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