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Why Rental Property Owners Want a Property Manager

The problem free, no time invested, money making “passive income” rental property is a myth that’s sold by people who haven’t done it or are after your money. Managing rental properties requires a diverse set of skills, knowledge and a lot of time. We speak to some of our tenants, owners and prospective tenants almost everyday. We are working in some way or another 7 days a week. We’ve invested a lot of time into understanding the Residential Tenancies Act. If you own a rental property and are keen to get into these responsibilities and commitments, then managing your own property may work out for you. But if what’s noted doesn’t interest you, then we may have already convinced you of the benefits of hiring Anchor Property Management. Below, we elaborate on other reasons that as a rental property owner you want to hire Anchor Property Management.

Proven Strategies. For Everything.

We don’t just DO. We: Plan, Do, Check, Act, Check again, and continue checking. We plan our work, work our plan, and refine our approach to suit individual units needs based on our extensive experience. While a new property owner (and some other property managers) may think their half hazard approach ends once a lease is signed (if they get that far), we use our experience in project management and managing properties to develop strategies that go through risk and quality analysis before becoming policy and put into action. From advertising your unit, handling tenant concerns and challenges, to effectively managing tenant turnover, we have a proven strategy that suits all aspects of your property’s management.

Improved Maintenance

We have an extensive background in residential, commercial and industrial construction and renovations. Our knowledge of how a home and its various components work allows us to effectively plan and manage your homes planned and emergency maintenance needs. While a new owner or a property manager with no knowledge of the home’s first instinct will be to immediately call a tradesperson for something as simple as a tripped breaker; our extensive knowledge allows us to assess a problem and immediately remedy it or call the right tradesperson arming them with the right information they need to bring the right tools to quickly address the issue. This all adds up to faster maintenance that saves you money.

Better Tenants, and Less Tenant Turnover

We bought our first rental property in 2010. And had some great tenants. Until we didn’t. The “gut feeling” approach worked for a few years. But once we had our first bad tenant, it took a long time to get rid of them. And the expense, property damage, lost rental income, headaches and time invested were extensive. We learned by failing, and then our approach changed drastically. We screen tenants extensively to ensure we do everything possible to find a tenant who is respectful of your property, is an effective communicator and pays rent on time. Our screening process ends with better tenants, and less tenant turnover.

You don’t need to live here!

Love the Halifax real estate or rental market but don’t live here? Live here, but find a great job opportunity elsewhere? Live at one end of the city but own a rental property at the other end? You can rest easy by hiring Anchor Property Management. As of this writing, 40% of our rental unit owners don’t live in the province of Nova Scotia. We excel at managing properties for people living away or on the move. As long as we can deposit money in your account, where you are when the cheque clears, is up to you!

So you can have your evenings, weekends and vacations

You own the property, pay the mortgage and insurance and we send you money every month. That’s it. Enjoy your glorious evenings, weekends and vacations in which ever way makes you happiest! We’ll be managing your property.

Anchor Property Management is a professional, experienced Property Management Company. Managing properties is what we do and we’d be pleased to speak with you about how we can help with your rental property. Contact us today!

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