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Why Tenants Want a Property Manager

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

I have been a tenant in houses in Fredericton NB, and apartments in North Bay, ON and Vancouver BC. I have been a tenant in long-term vacation rentals in New Zealand, Madagascar and Cuba. I have spent many years of my adult life as a tenant! I’ve had the absentee landlord who tried their best but never managed to get things fixed, the landlord who didn’t fix anything, the landlord who came by unannounced daily with no respect for my privacy, and the landlord who kept everything well maintained and managed his property flawlessly.

I’ve also owned rental properties, and managed others’ properties, for more than ten years. I have learned to effectively manage properties through a series of successes and failures. I’ve had long term tenants, tenants looking for short term accommodation while in transition, tenants with long term professional careers and low-income tenants living paycheck to paycheck.

It’s because of my years as a tenant, and my experience with tenants, that I understand the tenant experience. Landlords vary from owner to owner. Rental properties can be a great investment; however, sometimes the reality of ownership is much different than what is anticipated by the landlord. Finding the right plumber at a moment’s notice, knowing and planning for when the roof needs to be replaced, and making time to get a unit just right before a tenant moves in all seems straight forward until you have to do it while also managing your full time job and your family responsibilities. My many years spent as a tenant, investment property owner, and property manager mean that when you rent a property managed by Anchor Property Management, you can have the confidence that we give you the privacy you need while ensuring your new home is well maintained and managed.

For questions or to discuss our services, contact Anchor Property Management today!

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