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Rental Property Management for Halifax and Area Homeowners

It is our commitment to provide professional, quality focused, service to owners and tenants that makes us a successful property management company.

Speak to our property owners and tenants, and they will tell you we are accessible, quick to respond, transparent and accountable. Whether you need full service long-term rental management, or inspection and analysis of an upcoming purchase - we are here to help.  

Types of Properties That We Manage

Grey House
Luxurious Kitchen
Apartment Building

Longterm Rentals


Longterm tenancies provide income stability and genrally lower maintenance and upkeep costs. Month after month income is predictable with lower vacancy costs 

Types of Properties That We Manage

Grey House

Longterm Rentals


Longterm tenancies provide income stability and generally lower maintenance and upkeep costs. Month after month, income is predictable with lower vacancy rates.

Apartment Building



Whether a duplex or large aparment building, we can ensure your multi unit property is well managed and occupied to maximize your income. From tenant placement to short term and longerm maintenance, your multi-unit property will be in good hands with us.

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Properties we manage stand out. Your property will benefit from our extensive marketing efforts. 

We utilize multiple channels to ensure broad coverage for your property. .

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Tenant Screening


Finding tenants is at the core of a successful income property. Finding the wrong tenant, however, can have consequences ranging from unpaid rent to property damage to strained relationships with your properties neighbours.


As a result of our extensive experience screening tenants we have a thorough application and screening process to minimize risk and ensure prospective tenants meet our criteria. 

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Tenant Move In


Once we have approved a prospective tenant, our knowledge and experience with the Nova Scotia Residential Tenancies Act is put to use for your property. We collect a security deposit and arrange to have a lease signed. Advance rent is then collected, and once move in day arrives, keys are cut and transferred to the tenant - but not before a property inspection report is completed. 


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Rent Collection


We provide tenants with multiple options when it comes to making rent payment. Having multiple options results in faster rental payment, and faster remittal of your properties income to you. 

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Property Maintenance 

How your properties maintenance events are handled is critical to its success as a rental property. Poorly maintained properties see high rental turnover. Our extensive construction and project management experience; including certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP), and our network of preferred service providers will ensure your properties maintenance issues are dealt with properly, and quickly.

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Pre-Purchase Inspection & Analysis

We don't just manage income properties- we own them too. Our experience as owners and managers makes us an excellent partner for you as you consider, and move forward, with your income property purchases. 

After an initial consultation with you to determine your interests and priorities we can provide you with a customized solution including anything from analysing a property for rental potential and potential future maintenance concerns to connecting you with the right team of realtors and mortgage professionals.  .



"I couldn’t ask for a better property manager! Anything I’ve needed help with or any questions have been answered and/or dealt with immediately. I’m definitely beyond happy and will stay where I am as long as possible."


"I used Anchor Property Management to manage a medium size apartment building. We were very happy with the professionalism and service. They made owning a building easy."


"After moving out of province a year ago i knew I didn't want to sell my home and I also did not want to manage it from across the country. I found Anchor Property Management through a friend of a friend and I've had excellent service, friendly and honest communication at a cost that is affordable. Nat ran our Airbnb and then helped us transition our property into a long term rental both of which have been successful ventures with his help and experience"



"They are very kind and understanding. No matter night or day if there is a problem they will fix it. They keep their property very well taken care of, great people to rent from."

"Nat has been our property manager for almost a year now. He is exceptional at what he does. Nat is very honest, punctual, knowledgeable and professional. We are currently living out of province and not once have we had to worry about our property. I highly recommend Anchor Property Management Services."


"I lived in one of Nathaniel’s properties for over a year and he was an excellent landlord throughout that time. His properties are well kept after and the one occassion that required his attention and he was there immediately to deal with it. I strongly recommend leasing from Anchor Properties and Nathaniel if you have the opportunity."


What Does Property Management Cost?

No hidden fees. No surprises. Here's what you'll pay with Anchor Property Management:

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