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Preparing Your Home For Winter

With the end of November fast approaching, it’s time to ensure your home is prepared for winter. Careful attention to key aspects of your home will ensure that you are warm all winter long and that your heating system is operating efficiently and reliably.

Many homes in Nova Scotia are heated with oil or gas. Your furnace should be serviced at least once a year. Typically this should be done in the spring to allow ample time to deal with any concerns with ample time before winter hits. If the servicing was not completed in the spring, it’s never too late. Speak to your property manager if you’re not certain the furnace was serviced. Additionally, furnace’s typically have a filter which should be replaced several times a year. Replacing the filter will ensure the furnace is working efficiently and safely. The exact replacement frequency depends on the quality of the filter. So, make sure to check your lease to see if you or your property manager are responsible to replace the filter and ensure it is done frequently.

If your home has a fireplace, make sure that the fireplace and chimney are clean, and both function properly. Propane fireplaces should be serviced at the same frequency as oil furnaces noted above. Some homes don’t carry insurance for fireplaces, and many older homes have chimneys in need of repair. It’s important to ensure that the home is insured properly and all aspect of the fireplace are functioning before hitting the on button or lighting the first match!

Making sure your radiators and/or vents are clean, free of debris and not blocked will ensure heat can flow freely. And replacing the batteries in your thermostat, if required, will make sure you aren’t running to the store in the middle of a winter storm.

Some homes have older wooden windows. This style of window can result in drafts and heat loss. Plastic film insulation is an excellent method to insulate the windows and prevent drafts. It is readily available at hardware stores and many large retail stores and is easy to install.

Some leases include driveway and walkway clearing, while others put those tasks as the responsibility of the tenant. Regardless of the scenario, it’s important you are adequately prepared with shovels, salt and sand. Traction aids for your footwear for icy are also useful.

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